How to connect Blueduino to Windows 10 over BLE



any instruction or example on how to connect to Blueduino from a Windows 10 system through Bluetooth v4.0?
the system is working fine under android using Bluo and it can send and receive data perfectly using serial interface over BLE. We want to do the same using Windows10



We just replied your email. Please have a look.

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Hello Elhajj,

I am using the BlePad also and having problems with connecting through bluetooth in windows 10, can you please advice me what have you done in your case?



I would like to do the same. I have a CSR 4.0 USB Dongle on my PC with Windows 10.
Could you please share the instructions?



I have the same question as Luc: How to communicate with (receive from, and if possible send to) Blueduino from Windows 10 using CSR 4.0 dongle. BlueDuino already generated incoming COM port device on Windows, and using Bluetooth LE explorer from Microsoft, I can already see the data coming in as RX chars. But I receive no data when connecting a terminal to that COM port