How to configure ( Ubuntu / ssh )


After much difficulty I was finally able to download the installer. It would be nice if you’d post the code on github as a binary vs storing it the flaky host where it currently resides…

In any case, I am not sure what I am supposed to do now that I have installed the gateway configuration tool on my host. I dont run a UI, strictly ssh… . I’ve gotten the package to install but your instructions are completely lacking in what to do next…

So I was able to view the deb’s install path using

Dpkg-deb -c Gateway.deb

And I now know its installed into /opt/GatewayManager however it appears you expect a user to have a window manager to perform any configuration… Please tell me this is a mistake ?

(gatewayconfigtool:5314): Gtk-WARNING **: 16:53:59.454: cannot open display:

It seems you asked the source code for the config tool at GitHub. We’ll push the source code to there soon.

@aprilpea - Thank you, I also would like to know how I am supposed to configure the gateway ? The docs said there was an rest api for configuration management but it seems you guys require this proprietary package to access it and it also requires a window manager for Linux which I dont have… I also dont have an Android and I dont run windows… only Ubuntu


yes. there’re WEB api exists for BLE gateway. You can check the config tool source code here.

  1. The URI for get application config: /config or /config.json
  2. The URI for change application config: /config

search the keywords $.get in the source code