How connect ASensor in android device? please provide demo code

I have many try to connect ASensor but not receive any data

Hello hell,
I already use this code but not connect ASensor.

You need connect first then turn on acc

how to turn on acc?

In SensorActivity conn.connectGattToWrite conn.enableACNotification(); then conn.turnOnCalu();

I try this code but below error occur.
E/AprilBrotherSDK: mBluetoothGatt nullandroid.bluetooth.BluetoothGatt@427670a0
E/AprilBrotherSDK: Rx service not found!

Try to have a delay when you click connect

I try to connect device using AprilBeaconConnection but not connect and fire onBeaconError method.

Hi paras,

I’m sorry there’s no Android demo for ASensor yet. The demo @hell provided is for our another product ABSensor 401 and it’s retried.

Hi Aprilpea,

No provide Android demo so how connect Asensor in android device?

Hi paras,

Just let you know. A demo for android is available now.