How can i reduce power using AT COMMAND?

is it true ? AT+PWRM0 Enable auto-sleep. This reduces power form 8 to 0.18 mA at HM-10

Can i use this AT command at zerobeacon ? or how can i reduce power AT COMMAND ??

please give me advice~


The command AT+PWRM0 not available for zerobeacon. Do you play with BlueDuino?

yes i have BlueDuino ~ i need power saving fuction ~ my service is gone during not a few days~

using 2 AA power source burned out in a few days ~ i have power up 4dbm~ so…

can i save power using AT COMMAND ??? for example power saving mode or auto sleep mode etc… and so on

but transmit power 4dbm can not give up power function ~

Please check the firmware version by the command


We can send a new firmware to you for upgrade. It will add command AT+SLEEP to enter power saving mode.


i have 25EA blueduino of firmware VERSION VER 2.1

please contact to me mail address or informing address to me firmware data file ~

i expect to keep beacon signal sending(somewhat rare long sending term) and power up nomal when attemped gatt server connection in power saving mode (AT+SLEEP)

to summarize…

I have sent a private message to you. Please check it.

i have very impressed for your help ~

thank you very much ~ say again thank you your kindness ~ god bless you ~


I’m trying to build a “weather station” with the BlueDuino rev2.
I’m in the final steps and now I need to figure out how to minimize battery drain.

Is this AT command going to help me? And how can I receive this new firmware ?

Thank you!!


i had private message from aprilpea including firmware file

so why don’t you ask to aprilpea ?

i have firmware file but i guess this file is not public using file ~

Hi cenata,

I’ve sent a private message to you. Please check it.

Hi aprilpea,

I would also like this low power firmware file. Thanks

Hi susanna,

I will write a wiki for how to upgrade the firmware next week.

I have Firmware 2.1.1 - does that have AT+SLEEP ?

How to use AT+SLEEP?
How to wake up again?

How to upgrade the firmware?


Please follow this wiki to upgrade firmware

Hi aprilpea,

I was trying the AT+SLEEP command on the Blueduino (with firmware 2.1.5) and it did not get any response.

I tried entering another command (AT+VERS?), it still responds with OK+VERS:2.1.5 - which means it did not go into sleep mode.

Could you please help?

THank you!

did you add “\r\n” at the end of the at command?

No I didn’t. I just tried doing that and it didn’t have any response either.

Hi julianchua,

I tested and the “AT+SLEEP” doesn’t work also at version 2.1.5. I will remove the feature at our link. Please don’t try to upgrade firmware yourself. It sometimes will damage the BLE module

Hi aprilpea,

Can I upgrade the firmware using the instructions here:

If not, what would you advise?

Thank you!

Hi julianchua,

You can follow the wiki to upgrade the firmware. But the firmware support SLEEP is in alpha status. You can download the firmware here.

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