Having trouble connecting AB BLE Gateway V3 to AWS IOT

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Has anybody successfully connected the gateway to AWS IOT? I’ve got a couple of Ruuvitag beacons transmitting in Eddystone URL mode and RAW (manufacturer specific) mode, I can see that the gateway can read them and upload to my test MQTT server (with no security) but when I set up the gateway to upload to my AWS endpoint I don’t see anything in AWS. I set up an AWS “thing” according to the AWS tutorial, created a policy, certificate, keys etc but when I subscribe to # in the AWS test MQTT client I don’t see any messages from the gateway and I have no idea where to look for logs, error messages etc. Will appreciate any insight on how to debug this link.
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The AWS IoT SDK will force encode the data with UTF-8 currently. So the data is broken by the encoding. It can’t work yet.

Sorry, do I get it right that you are advertising and selling something that can’t work as advertised???

My co-worker will do some testing today. I will reply to you later.

There’s a bug for upload data to AWS IoT. We’ll release a new image that fixed the issue next week. I’ll let you know when it’s available.

The image for upgrade is available. It fix the bug for connect AWS IoT. How to upgrade it.

  • Download the image file and extract the file
  • Burn the file to the SD card with software ImageUSB
  • Restart gateway V3

Thanks for the update - I upgraded the firmware, set it up again with the same params but still can’t see anything in AWS IOT test MQTT client… Anything else that could go wrong?

Could you please send a private message to me about the params you set?

Sure, but I can’t find how to send private messages here. Please explain how or send me a PM and I will reply.
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Just to end this thread on a positive note: after a couple of firmware upgrades everything works as advertised!
If you need to send data to AWS IoT:
a) make sure you’re running the latest firmware and
b) don’t use the “AWS IOT” tab but set it up in the MQTT tab (as of today, at least).

Thank you.

We’ll update firmware to latest one soon.