Getting MACaddress Null for aprilBeacon in ios9

hii Please give me solution how to get macaddress in aprillBeacon in ios9

You need connect the iBeacon before you read mac address.then you can get mac address by reading the property macAddress.

I connect but still am getting mac as null.

ABBeacon *beacon = [_tableData allValues][indexPath.section][indexPath.row];
NSLog(@“AprilllmacAdress-- %@”, beacon.macAddress);

Can please share the code to get MacAddress in AprilBeacon for ios.

use ABBluetoothManager’s method startAprilBeaconsDiscovery to discover, then use ABBeacon’s method connectToBeacon to connect with iBeacon , when you get beaconDidConnected callback , then you can get mac address through macAddress property.

I used ABBluetoothManager’s method startAprilBeaconsDiscovery to discover,but delegate methods are not called.

Can any share the code to get the macaddress in ios .i tried with ABBluetoothmanager but it not working.

I use ABBluetoothmanager’s startAprilBeaconsDiscovery method, and the delegate get called. did you set the delegate ?maybe you forget to set

i set the delegate but they are not getting called.

Did you open the bluetooth?

yes i opened bluetooth.

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