Gateway v4 MQTT message devices array is always empty


I am using the v4 gateway with MQTT. It was working fine but, for some reason, now all of the MQTT packets arrive with an empty device array, even when there are several ibeacons available

Here you can download a wireshark capture of one of the packets

I am using the broker

I am able to connect to the ESP32 serial port and also the NRF port using SWD. NRF port doesn’t output anything and the ESP32 serial just prints this:
I (1220452) XBG: heartbeat
I (1220452) XBG: MQTT published=0

I can also debug the ble-viewer app if that can help
I have updated the firmware to the latest version and still have the same issue


Did you change the firmware for NRF yourself? What firmware version is the gateway? Please take a screenshot for the Dashboard page of the config tool

Here is the data shown in the the dashboard

I have not modified the NRF firmware, and I haven’t modified the ESP firmware either.
I can connect to the NRF by SWD(I have a JTAG connector available), so, if you provide me the application and softdevice hex files I can probably program it, just in case the NRF Firmware was corrupted.

Firmware Version
Hardware Version 4.0
MAC 84:0D:8E:1D:1B:F0
Serial Number 1907696
IP Address


Please do one more test. access the IP of gateway with your browser. Please tell me the content

Thank you

This is what I see in the browser

Please check my private message