Filtering on Eddystone adv frames


Today it is possible to configure the AB BLE v4 gateways to filter either iBeacon or Eddystone UID or Eddystone URL (or No filtering) frames.

Our solution is based on a mix of Eddystone EID + Eddystone TLM adv frames.

For performance reasons, we would like to filter on Eddystone frames (whatever the Eddystone subprotocol) but the option is not available from the “Gateway config tool”.

Is there a way to do this ?
If not, could it be a feature easy to add in the Gateway firmware ?

We added combo advertising filters at firmware v1.2.5.29

  • iBeacon + Eddystone TLM
  • Eddystone UID + TLM
  • Eddystone URL + TLM

Please check the current firmware version of your gateway. You can upgrade to v1.2.5.29 by config tool if it’s v1.2.5.22.

Please download latest config tool here