Failed to configure sniffer request interval to 1 second


Recently I used my javascript paho client to receive messages from emqttd via websocket protocol.

However, I noticed that beacon messages arrive every 10 seconds instead of 1 second. I have tried to configure the request interval to 1 second and restart the sniffers using my WiFi-starter app, but it didn’t work.

Any advice on this issue?

Thanks in advance.

One more thing: the system configuration section under setup page doesn’t actually show the real settings of the sniffers.

Did you change the setting with Safari? Please use chrome instead. It’s a know issue for compatible with safari.

Let me know if this work

Somehow I accidentally configured a sniffer successfully once, but I’m not sure what’s the correct way of configuring this. Correct me if I’m wrong, the exact steps are:

  1. Open url in chrome browser (mine is chrome app on iphone)
  2. Enter setup page
  3. Select request interval to 1 second in"system" section
  4. Click submit button in this section
  5. Click “restart device” at the bottom
  6. Power off sniffer and wait a few minutes
  7. Power on sniffer and check parameters

Do all three modes (Full mode, simple mode and RAW mode) support request interval from 1s to 10s?

Your steps are right. All modes support request interval from 1s to 10s.

Thanks. now I realised the problem solution: to actually set the request interval to 1s, I need to go to the system section of setup page, select 2s or any other options and then select 1s option back.

It seems that if I just submit the default option (1s) without changing it back and forth, it won’t work.

The same goes for mode selection.

Thank you very much for your help.