Esp8266 soil sensor's moisture sensor not working

I got ESP8266 soil sensor from you,and started playing with it…what i find is soil sensor always gives me value of 1024…as for temperature sensor,i havent cared for it yet…for i need moisture sensor working…what could be possible reason?
Thanks in advance

Which sketch do you run on the sensor? Is our factory sketch?

Well i got it working…My bad…the problem is there was deep sleep in code which would not allow one to make web page…got to figure it out now…
thanks for response tho

Thanks for clarifying the reason!

Hey aprilpea,could you please help me here.When i have ESP.deepsleep in code webpage is not accessed when client makes a request to server to do so.Now it sucks life out of batteries, which implies deepsleep is important.What should I do now?

Please open a new topic for your question.

Did you short the jumper GPIO16 to RESET? For use the deepsleep normally, it’s required. See the document from the link

GPIO16 needs to be tied to RST to wake from deepSleep

Well it now worksed for me
thanks for reply and prompting support arpbrother!
what i was expecting was: i wanted data to be sent on web page i made myself…now before i shall log in into it via its IP address my device might have gone for deepsleep and we can say server is asleep so client cant send get anything after requesting…so what we need is a client which will keep on requesting and as server will wake up we can stoe data there…thats what thingspeak does…
hope this will solve problem of anyone who will face the same issue after me,
actually there are no concrete tutorials about this cool device so we had to learn it by hit and trials…also it requires a bit of basic knowledge of networking…
I request aprnrothers to launch fine tutorials to understand the device…

now i carried out an experiment with my device…when i put soils sensor in water i connect A0 and GND of board to multimeter externally…there arent no changes at all…could you please gimme working of this device…thanks

Did you also check the serial monitor output? Can you measure the soil moisture value with our default sketch?

You can only get value from A0 when ESP8266 send PWM signal

  analogWrite(PIN_CLK, 400);

ya i did use ur sketch and it works fine…Do we have some chart of working of our sensor, at electronic level,for that might help…also what does

do…if it sets some frequency how does it know what pin is it refered to…thnak you

Have you also checked the schematic file for the sensor? You can get more information for the device.

  • ESP8266 write PWM signal to GPIO14 through R6. The PWM signal go through PCB area of the soil moisture sensor.
  • The A0 is not wired to V_OUT directly. You should measure the voltage at VOUT1 instead.

You can also send a private message to me about your modified sketch.

thank you for these links, i will check em then reply…you guys have been real helpful…thank you