ESP Soil Moisture Sensor Rev 2.2 not working

I have two ESP Soil Moisture Sensor Rev 2.2 with ESP8266 Flasher Rev4. Using Arduino IDE I can upload a program (e.g. ESP8266 Blink or Serial example) to ESP8266 without any errors but afterwards ńothing will happen. Both ESP Soil Moisture Sensors are not working as expected. I followed all steps described in Wiki:

Does anybody has same experiences and can help me with a clue?

Please describe the settings for Arduino IDE:

  • Board type
  • Flash size
  • etc


The settings are right. Did you see any out put from the serial monitor?

You can also upload a simple sketch to check the serial monitor. for example:

void setup() {

void loop() {

Unfortunately, the serial monitor shows nothing. When I upload your sketch to a different ESP8266 everything works fine.

Have you removed the jumper in the top of the picture? Could you please show a photo about how do you wire your programmer with the sensor?

I have added a photo of my setup. Since both of my Soil Moisture Sensors are not working, maybe this could be a failure of the programmer?

The programmer is installed correctly. But it’s very strange. Do you have another laptop and have a try?

Yes, I have tried my setup on a laptop and a workstation to verify if there are issues with power supply. Unfortunately without success.

I will order a further sensor and programmer in your shop to figure out which of the devices is causing the problems.

It’s impossible that both sensors stop working. So I have more questions.

  • What version is your Arduino IDE?
  • What version is ESP8266 Arduino Core? version 2.3.0 is recommend
  • Have you changed the baud rate for serial monitor? I tested the sensor with serial sketch and it works fine.

Today I received my new ESP Soil Moisture Sensor with programmer. This programmer works fine with all three sensors.
Thus the programmer of my first order is broken and causes described problems.
Would it be possible to replace the broken programmer?

Yes. Of course. Please send a private message to me about the order number and where you bought the programmer.