DHT11 reading with Cactus Micro rev2 always 0


I’m trying to read a DHT11 sensor via my cactus micro. But I only get 0 as result from the sensor. With an ordinary Arduino Uno everything works as expected.

I’m connecting V to VCC, GND to GND and DATA to PIN10. Do I need a separate 10k ohm resistor to make that work? I couldn’t find one in your tutorial: http://wiki.aprbrother.com/wiki/Tutorial_Cactus_Micro_Rev2_DHT11


How did you wire the sensor and Cactus Micro? Same with our tutorial?

Took a picture: https://goo.gl/photos/vXxPn54KDFXJ68gF9

Hope you can see the wiring there.

I saw the picture. The pin RAW is for power input. Don’t use it as VCC for DHT11. Please check the picture.

How to wire it?

 DHT11        Cactus Micro Rev2
 Pin1  ----------   4
 Pin2  ----------   3
 Pin3  ----------   NC
 Pin4  ----------   GND

Pin1 for DHT11 is VCC. So we can pull it to high for power up.

pinMode(4, OUTPUT);
digitWrite(4, HIGH);

cactus micro

Sorry for my late reply. Took me a while to come back to my project. It works now!