Default factory firmware for N02


Is the default factory firmware of N02 available for download? I would like to reset all the function to default because I have update my card to wrong firmware by accident.


How did you update firmware? Does it support OTA now?

@aprilpea I think you can use nrf connect to do the OTA.
For my card purchase from Taobao, it become a DFUTARG now, that’s the reason I ask for default factory firmware.

Please try the OTA file with nRF Connect app

You should upload the file to the app first.

Not work

Please try the steps

  1. Connect the device
  2. Tap DFU button - Distribution packet (ZIP)
  3. tap the icon on the left side of the zip file and tap “Open”
  4. It should start DFU

Let me know if this works for you

I have successfuly updated by using uRF app, thanks.
BTW, will you provide the customized firmware? I am interested in implementing auto shutdown function.
Or would you please provide the reference on how to leverage nordic sdk to compile the customized firmware, thanks in advance.

Sorry. We can’t provide customized firmware. You can check nRF5 SDK for the example ble_peripheral - ble_beacon