Decoding Packets

When I look here:

I see that from the JSON format represented below this should be the BLE data.


2021-07-22 13_48_58-Window

It looks like the data is:


Now that I have this what do I do with that? How can I make this into something I can make use of? Its not base64 so what am I to do with this raw advertising data to be able to read it? When I put it into advlib here reelyActive advlib it doesnt seem to decode either.

Can anyone give direction decoding the data in the advert?

Thank you

byte 0: 1E = length


byte 2 - 3: these two bytes are special company ID’s registered with the SIG. 0600 is for iRobot Corporation. see the ID in bluetooth SIG page

byte 4 - end: it’s manufacturer specific data

You should check the Core Specification in bluetooth SIG page for BLE advertising data.