Custom characteristic in BlueDuino..........?


i am using BlueDuino to control some devices. so i need to add separate characteristic for each of the device. but i cant find out any commands or anything regarding this . so i would like to know can i custom characteristics with custom uuid…?

thank you

Do you want identify BlueDuino by characteristic? Is device name a better option?

not for identifying BlueDuino . the name itself is sufficient to identify BlueDuino .
actually i need characteristics for some operation over blue tooth
foe example i need to control two led using BlueDuino. so if i am able to add two separate characteristic with write property i can control those two separately with separate characteristics…?

Sorry. Not support yet. I suggest you choose another way. Make a string to control LED1, LED2 … etc.

For example:

  • led1=on&led2=off&led3=on
  • led1=off
  • led2=on&fan1=on

You can use only one characteristic to control other thing

ok i will mange it.

now i have two characteristic available .one with notify property and other with write property.
can i change the uuid of these characteristic…?