Correction on BlueDuino Rev 2 Hookup Guide

In this wiki, the VCC line reads:

“VCC is the voltage supplied to the on-board ATmega32U4. It’ll be either 3.3V. This voltage is regulated by the voltage applied to the RAW pin. If the board is powered through the ‘RAW’ pin (or USB), this pin can be used as an output to supply other devices.”

The problem is with this line: “It’ll be either 3.3V.”

I think you meant to write something like: “It will be either 3.3V if power is supplied by a USB connection or XX volts if…”

I am powering my BlueDuino via USB at this time, so when I measure the volts at VCC, it shows as 3.3V. I am guessing that if I stop using USB for power, and instead use 9V outside power input through the RAW pin, I think the VCC might output a different voltage from 3.3V. Unfortunately I do not have a wall wart handy right now in order to test this out.

We have made BlueDuino Rev 1. It has two model - 5V and 3.3V. The description is copied from previous board.

You’re correct. For BlueDuino Rev 2, the VCC is 3.3V. I have edited the wiki.