Connecting usb device

Hi, I try to connect the Cactus micro unit to Pc, but it can not identify the unit.
I use Arduino 1.0.6, but seems need windows driver to recognise the unit througt the usb port.On device manager by usb found “unknown device” massage .


Please refer the link to install the driver. The Cactus Micro is very similar with Arduino Leonardo.

Hi, I also ty to connect the Cactus micro but in my case to my macbook.
I use Arduino 1.0.6, The link said that I had to exit the window that pops up the first time I connect the arduino to my macbook. But I still can’t see the arduino cactus micro in the arduino programm


Have you found any device at /dev/tty.usb* when you connect the board to macbook?

You can try unplug the esp-11 (esp8266) module and connect Cactus Micro to macbook. Or replace with a new micro usb line.

I tried both, but I still can’t see them…
By the serial port the list I got:

I also unplugged the esp8266 module and plugged the cactus micro into my macbook again.
tried with different usb cables…

I just tried it again with windows 8.1 on my macbook, I saw the other post about that, that I have to push the reset button twice and then upload a sketch.

That part worked, after a few tries I uploaded a sketch but then it still disappears…

Did you choose the board type “LilyPad USB”? Please try again. If it still can’t work, please send a private message to me.