Confused about AprilBeacon

I recently bought 2 AprilBeacon to test them out. While setting one up, I received a message from Google saying that as of Dec 06 2018 Google will not be supporting the Beacons due to excess spamming to passers-by. I am confused, Is anyone out there that can help or assist me in guiding to set up the beacon successfully. I hope I didn’t waste my money in buying the Beacons. I greatly appreciate anyone’s help.

see another topic instead.

I’m new and don’t know about code developing, Is there a video I can go to on How To set up the beacons? or someone to guide me, Please. I greatly appreciate it.

Let me reply you here.

  • Do you develop with Android or iOS app?
  • Do you use Eddystone or iBeacon profile?

You can download our app AprilBeacon to setup parameters for beacon.

I’m sorry Aprilpea, I thought communicating through my email. I am not a developer but I have the AprilBeacon compatible with Eddystone & iBeacon. I downloaded two apps on my cell, AprilBeacon and Estimote. Can you please guide me to get this Beacon set up and running. I greatly appreciate it.