Configure parameters with MQTT

I made the files
Config Topic
Topic Prefix For Device Inbox
Device Outbox Topic
but where do I store these files?

Please check the document for configure parameters with MQTT.

You need install your own MQTT broker first

I have my broker installed that’s not the problem, but how do I use the Config Topic,
Topic Prefix For Device Inbox and the Device Outbox Topic. I made the files but how do i use them and where to store.

I expect that you have set these for gateways

  • Config Topic
  • Topic Prefix For Device Inbox device-config-
  • Device Outbox Topic pub-config-

Let’s say the mac address for gateway is CC50E38BA0BC

For configure the gateway with MQTT, you can publish a message to the topic device-config-CC50E38BA0BC, the topic is combined with topic prefix and mac address

    "event": "update",
    "version": 1,
    "config": {
        "app": {
            "mqtt-host": "",
            "mqtt-port": 1883,
            "mqtt-topic": "new/topic"

You can do this with mosquitto_pub command line or MQTT tool with GUI such as MQTTX. Here’s an example for mosquitto_pub

  1. save the message to file msg.txt
  2. run the mosquitto_pub command. Please modify the command to match your host and port
mosquitto_pub -h YOUR-MQTT-BROKER -p 1883 -f msg.txt