Changing the name of the April Road Stud beacon

I have just acquired 3 of these road stud beacons with a view to testing them prior to placing a bigger order. I am really impressed by both the speed of delivery as well as the build quality. The device does actually look like it could

  1. Handle a 10 tonne truck rolling over it

  2. Truly handle IP68 class weather

Which is very nice. However, the quality of the documentation, the Android & iOS apps and the help I have got from their sales staff is not quite so good. For my needs I absolutely need to be able to change the name of the beacons. I can live with an AprilBrother_ prefix if that is really what is required to be able to use the configuration app. However, I would at the very least be able to add my own suffix. Despite what their sales staff have told me there does not seem to be any way to do this via the Android/iOS apps. At a pinch I could use the Java SDK to write my own little Android app to do the job but I would don’t want to do that unless really necessary. Can someone here help?

It supports changing name prefix by our iOS only. You can’t change the suffix now.