Catus Micro r2 max input voltage

It says input voltage can be "4.3-12V (RAW) "
Is it correct?
After I put 12v on RAW pin, it never power on again.

Two Cactus are dead now :frowning:

Please refer the wiki How to Power Cactus Micro Rev2. The max input voltage is 9V.

I forgot to edit the main wiki. I’m very sorry about that.

Was the board damaged? We can send a replacement one to you.

Please send a private message to me.

Thank you.

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That’s amazing.
I have no idea how to send new private message.
If it is possible please send me a private message first or give me email address to communicate.

Two boards are totally dead. No light on power on led.
Thank you.

how about blueduino ?? the same thing??? max voltage 9v or 12V … which is correct ?

You can use 12V with blueduino if the load is low. The work current for blueduino is more lower than Cactus Micro.