Can't connect to ab gateway ip

Can’t connect to ab gateway ip to configure. I connect to gateway ap and I can’t connect to IP. Is there any way to fix this

Which model BLE gateway did you buy? Is it this one?

v2. I set up the gateway but it seems that I can’t access the ip to configure

Please check the wiki. Did you access the IP

yes I have. Any idea

Did you use laptop to connect the IP and access the IP? Don’t use mobile to do this.

yes I did

did you turn on proxy for your browser? it will also make the IP unavailable.

No It comes with err connection timeout

I’ve turned off proxy and it comes with message Reply from Destination host unreachable.

Please try these steps

  • Connect the IP first
  • open a command line window. For windows, you should press shortcut win+R and type cmd in the popup window
  • type ipconfig to check your IP. Your IP should be if connected to the gateway. Take a screenshot for it if possible
  • ping IP and take a screenshot for it
  • Access the URL in your browser

Thank you

connected to gateway. entered command ipconfig and got


Also executed ping and got image

Finally the site could’nt be accessed

Is there Any solution for me?


could you please also try other computer? we’ll send a replacement gateway to you if it still can’t work