Can you push the OTA update to my device please

Firmware Version: 0.10
System Up Time: 0 days 00:04:16
Device Mode: Station
Mac Address: 20:91:48:8D:77:8A
Access Point IP:
2021-02-22 14_10_05-Wireless Beacon Receiver - Brave

sorry. there’s no newer OTA firmware for the gateway v1. Why do you want to update firmware?

That does not seem to be the case. Because one of my other gateway v1’s has newer firmware, and I’d like for them to have the same version. See below, and attached.

Firmware Version: 0.20
System Up Time: 0 days 11:47:44
Device Mode: Station
Mac Address: 20:91:48:26:B4:1A
Access Point IP: Beacon Receiver 2021-02-22 21-44-40

The OTA server for v0.10 firmware is not available any more. So we can’t push OTA files now. The firmware v0.20 is minor changes with v0.10

So you’re saying we can no longer upgrade the v1 devices to the latest firmware, thereby effectively making them obsolete? I would like to know why you still have them on the market for sale. Please send me the latest firmware with instructions for updating without your no longer available server. Thank you in advance.

The OTA way is a little complex for firmware v0.10. You need install a HTTP server and add a custom DNS record to do OTA. Because the original domain name for the OTA server is not available any more. We changed the domain name for newer firmware. It’s our fault.

I will write a private message to describe how to do OTA update