Can not find all the Beacons using the SDK

I have currently 5 beacons working near to my Android phone (in 30cm). Using the APP “AprilBeacon”, I can easily find at least 4 of them and sometimes can find 5 of them. But using the “AprilBeaconDemo” SDK, it can ony find 2 of them, and sometimes 3. Both APPs are downloaded from the mainpage.
My questions are:
1: What makes the difference between the APP and the SDK? how can we find all the beacons using the SDK?
2: Why sometimes can not find some beacons even using the APP? Sometimes need more time to find some beacons.

App have not use the SDK, which version SDK did you use?
Did your beacon have the same uuid major minor
You can try the setting’s bluetooth to see did it can search all the device in a short time.

We use the SDK “ab-sdk-beta1.5.3.jar” and “snakeyaml-1.10-android.jar”.

Yes, they are have some UUID Major Minor

How can we change the settings? Can you eleborate a bit?


The demo can modify the uuid major minor
You can change it by the demo, click the item to modify view and input new value then click modify button

Have tries, the same problem, it can only find 2 (sometimes 3) of the beasons.

beaconManager.setForegroundScanPeriod(1000, 0);
In BeaconListActivity you can set beaconManager.setForegroundScanPeriod(2000, 0);
You can have a try
And you can download the sdk1.5.4 to replace sdk1.5.3

We have already set the beaconManager.setForegroundScanPeriod(2000, 0);

Where is the new SDK, can you show the link?


it was pushed to github

sorry i cant find in the github.please send me the link.

why it is not scanning qualcomm beacons.