Cactus rev2 deep sleep mode, where is GPIO 16?

is there a way to put ESP-03 into deep sleep mode?

the way the circuit works is that it requires the tiny jumper to be closed to connect GPIO 16 to the chip’s reset input and then having the button on GPIO 16 forces the line low.

Please check the post.


bridge for the pads is okay but how should I solder a button (I assume a toggle one) between reset and the newly bridged solder pad - is it possible for you to make one and post photos of it?

Why do you need solder a button to these pads? You can program GPIO16 directly for deep sleep.

An example would be great!

For AT firmware, there’s a command for deep sleep

AT+GSLP – Enter deep-sleep mode

For example:


set the sleep time of ESP8266 in 10000 ms. ESP8266 will wake up after 10000 ms in deep-sleep

Hardware has to support deep-sleep wake up (XPD_DCDC connects to EXT_RSTB with 0R).

What I understand from above the reset pin to GPIO16 (wake) pin bridge is a must to wake the board from deep sleep, is that correct?

Yes. The bridge is a must for wake from deep sleep.

Would it be possible to use ESP-07 or similar board for esp8266 module, exposing GPIO16 pin and also providing an external antenna option in next cactus board revision, cactus micro v3?

Nice idea. But ESP-07 is so wide. It will need increase the footprint size.

I just compared module ESP-03 and ESP-04. They have same pinouts but ESP-04 have no antenna. There’s a pin WIFI-ANT for soldering external antenna for both modules.

I’d like to know what application you will make with Cactus Micro.

Thank you.

ESP-04 would also work great but reset pin needs to be exposed thru a pin to make life easier.

I am currently testing a fee different boards for remote sensor network. External antenna and running on battery are two crucial issues hence for gpio16 and an step up/down power circuit

We can pre-solder the bridge for you if you place next order. For the external antenna, what type antenna do you prefer?

We can make a simple test for solder an external antenna directly.

If you solder the bridge, do you think reset will continue to work?

Of course. You can make a test.

I will solder the pads and give it a try. Do you do custom modifications to board?

We can do minor custom modification for small requirements, complete customize for large qualities.

I have a cactus micro rev2 with espduino firmware. (How) is it possible to put the wifi module into deep sleep? Because the ESP library does not expose any function to do so.

For cactus micro rev2, you also need short a jumper for GPIO 16. Please check the photo. But espduino firmware has no function for deep sleep yet.

Sorry for my bad photo shot.

Hi @aprilpea
Do you know something about an upcoming espduino firmware update (which provides deep sleep)? Alternatively I would have to go with the AT firmware which provides deep sleep, right?

Yes. AT firmware support deep sleep.