Cactus Micro v2 Wifi - No sign of life


I’ve purchased a Cactus Micro V2 Wifi module and when I plug it in nothing happens.
My pc doesn’t recognize it, it doesn’t show up in the device manager (not even as an unrecognized device), even the power led doesn’t light up.

I’ve tried already with different usb cables, pc’s, different usb ports.
But I can’t get it to power on.

I’ve used the regular Arduino devices multiple times without any issues, but I can’t get this one to work.

Am I missing something or is the device DOA?


Please try to re-flash the dongle at the section “initial flashing” instead. We made some changes for the repo ESPloitV2.

Let me know if this works

Hi Aprilpea

Thanks for your reply!
I tried to re-flash but I receive the following error:
“Error: Please specify upload_port for environment or use global --upload-port option.”

Is there any other info I can provide? Or anything else to try?

To clarify, when I look in the arduino ide, it’s also not detected in the ports section.


Please take a photo for the module. I will confirm the model of the board.


Below you can find the requested pictures.


And the underside

Please follow our wiki to revive the board.

Let me know if it works

I attempted to get the board in bootloader mode but no response.

If I understand correctly, with the device connected I should quickly press the reset button twice and a new com port should show up in the arduino ide under tools -> ports.

If this is correct, this also didn’t resolved the issue and still no response from the board.
To be sure I tried this method using different USB ports and different cables, both on a usb hub and straight in the pc.

I’m also not sure if in bricked mode, the power led should light up?

You should check the windows device manager not Arduino IDE. It should show a new COM port there

Also no response when checking in device manager

No better idea. Cactus Micro V2 is not continued. Are you interested in our another similar device WHID Cactus?