Cactus Micro Rev2 communication with ESP8266


I bought the Cactus Micro Rev2, and everything seems to work except the WiFi chip.
I can’t control the chip via AT commands and when I try to connect to WiFi I can never connect.

I’ve tried running the programmer sketch, but when I input “AT” or any other command, I get no output.

Could you clarify how can I exactly work with the ESP8266? My project depends on WiFi and I don’t think my board is defective.

Nevermind, I solved it.

If anyone else is as dumb as me, just enable “NL & CR” in the Serial Monitor Settings…I think that was why the ESP8266 wasn’t receiving the commands… Working as a charm!

Good news!


Hi there

I am having the same problem, could you explain how to enable to “NL & CR” in the Serial Monitor Settings?

Oh nvm, I see it in the drop box