Cactus Micro Rev 2 + Espduino + Pir

I try to connect PIR to my cactus and work perfect.
When i connect wifi, the pir work crazy, and i have random output.

It 'possible that when you connect your wifi, cactus give less power to the pir?
It 'a possible firmware bug?

I try all pin with and without connect the wifi.


How did you power on the PIR sensor? I tested a PIR sensor and it need 5V voltage to work stable.

The pir work with 3.3V and 5V.
If i use external 5V, work with wifi connected.

I try with the same 5V to power cactus from the raw pin but nothing!
Is not enough?


Could you please show your sketch here?

Hi! Thanks for the replies!

I have a simple wire with 5V, i connect the red wire (Vcc 5V) to raw and the black wire (GRD) to ground,
“5 > 4.3 ? cactus on”, but nothing…


Let’s make sure these questions:

  1. does it work with usb power?
  2. Does these lines exists in your sketch (setup function)?
  1. Did you get any output from serial port when you power it by RAW pin (5V)?


  1. With usb power work both computer usb and wall adapter
  2. No, it’s not software problem

When i power from raw pin, the led of cactus is off, i think cactus is off…

However 5V to pin RAW should work?

Yes. It should work with 5V to pin RAW. Look at my photo.

You can measure the voltage at pin RAW and VCC when you power the Cactus Micro. Please take a photo to show how you wire the power.



I try with 2 cactus, nothing.
As if the raw pin was disconnected
I can’t now measure the voltage…

I can’t understand this. Can you measure the voltage when raw pin was connected?

The wire are ok… I power The pir it’s ok…