Cactus Micro R2 - WPS

I would like to implement WPS, so you do not have to write the SSID user and pass in the program. It’s possible?
Alternatively, it could set it as AP and create a page to enter the access data of a router, and consequently connect?

Thank you

Sorry that the original AT firmware does not support WPS. But you can check the espressif forum if new firmware available.

Hello, thanks for the answer!
I have uploaded the thinker-v1.1.1.bin through nodemcu-flasher-master.
On the forum I found the new firmware, but it is not a single file, could you help me understand what I need to load?

I downloaded

Inside the zip file I find:


I read the readme, I found


8Mbit Flash size: 512KB + 512KB

 boot_v1.2 + .bin 0x00000 0x01000
 esp_init_data_default.bin 0xfc000 (optional)
 blank.bin 0x7e000 & 0xfe000

For the cactus micro rev2 load these in the same way that I loaded-to-v1.1.1.bin thinker, and then set AT-UART = 9600, … ??

Thank you for your support!


I found there’s a new AT firmware. Please try this one.

The firmware has a new at command for WPS:


You can set the baud rate by AT+UART…

Thanks, but

Boot Mode or NonBoot Mode?

In boot mode, right?

Flash size 8Mbit: 512KB+512KB

boot_v1.2+.bin              0x00000        0x01000
esp_init_data_default.bin   0xfc000 (optional)
blank.bin                   0x7e000 & 0xfe000

I haven’t tested the firmware. You can try it.