Cactus Micro R2, thingspeak

I bought a Cactus Micro R2 a while ago and have been trying to get it working but it’s not for now.

What I try to do is connect some sensors to it (DHT22 to start with) and send the information to thingspeak. I have managed to do this while manually entering AT commands in the serial communication console, but cannot manage to automate this in an arduino sketch.

I have tried quite a few things:

  • ai firmware, espduino firmware both flashed with the nodemcu flasher tool (at 512kByte, not 1MByte, this didn’t work for me)
  • example sketches of thingspeak, temperature logger, espduino, …

How can I reset the processor to “like new” with which firmware+flash tool? What example sketch can I use to add to?

I’ve always adjusted the software serial to “Serial1” since I read that’s the proper way to do it. Is that correct, or not?

Thanks a lot!!


The default firmware for Cactus Micro R2 is espduino firmware. Please check the link

For reset to “new”, you can try to re-flash the firmware. So you can use thingspeak.ino sketch again