Cactus Micro R2 + platform


I bought a Cactus Micro Rev 2, it’s fantastic, of course.

Before the use of Cactus Micro R2 I used other controllers that allow the connection with the platform, which is really easy to remotely read and write Arduino sensors and actuators ( is amazing thanks to its fantastic features and because it’s FREE!

Thus, it is a pity if the Cactus Micro cannot be connected to What is required by to be used by Arduino boards is the use of ESP8266WiFi.h library (see here It is widely known that Cactus Micro uses the espduino library thus I’m wondering how to use ESP8266WiFi.h or how to update the Cactus ESP8266 firmware to use this library in order to connect with

I hope that you will answer to this post because is a great opportunity for Cactus Micro Rev2.

It need program esp8266 with Arduino core directly. But the main micro controller for Cactus Micro is ATMega32U4. I think it’s hard to use ESP8266WiFi.h library with Cactus Micro.

You can check our ESPea dev board. It’s compatible with NodeMCU and should work with directly.

Ok, thanks for your answer. allows also the connection through the WiFi.h library, what about the adoption of this library with Cactus Micro R2?