BlueDuino sometimes not detect BLE (W7)

Hello , how is it possible that some BLEDUINO (no CACTUS) sometimes detect BLE around them and sometimes not ? I tried several times to restart them but to no avail so suddenly resume their normal operation . Why is that ? Thank you

Is the board Cactus? Cactus Micro is a dev board with WiFi module. No BLE support.

sorry, i correct with BLEDuino

Do you have steps how can I repeat the issue?

Very simply :

1 ) I connect two or three USB BLEDUINO
2 ) I activated Bluetooth on the smartphone and load the APP Bluo
3 ) I perform the scan but the BLE are “not detected” or one of the two or sometimes both.
4 ) now, I try to restart the BLEDuino but the result is always or almost always the same .

They are not detected and if by chance after a defined time does not appear suddenly disappear after a short time , or one of them is visible and the other not ( alternately )

I tried the App also Bluo with some BLE 401 and other models but it works pretty decently , the IBeacon are identified but the BLEDuino still have the problem .

What model is your smartphone? Can you get an iPhone and install the app LightBlue? The app is perfect for debug BLE device.

I try more Android SmartPhone with BLUO and no product my app for Smartphone. I required a a APP Android for Debug BLE Device

Please try to restart your phone or bluetooth. There’re some issues for BLE SDK on Android device. “Restart” can fix the problem sometimes.

I tried but the problem still exists . You try to solve the problem on Android , or send me the APP Bluo we will try to verify . In any case it should be solved

The app Bluo is here. Please have a try.

yes i have installed BLUO, the problem persist. Can i have a source code for verify ?

We have no source code of BLUO. It’s develop by third party developer. You can try the app iBeaconDetector also.

ok I try contact a APP constructor of BLUO