Blueduino rev2 PIN needed for connecting with the Android phone

I want to connect the Blueduino with an android phone, but it ask me for a PIN, I used 0000, 1111 and 1234, none of them works.

AT commands works well, I could change the name, versions,… but AT+PIN[param] is not available, so I can not change the PIN.

if there anything I’m missing?

The Bluetooth 4.0 module does not need the PIN code. You can test it with app “BLE Scanner”.

Or you can try the pin code 000000.

yes, I got the same thing. Andriod asked me to put a PIN

It looks like it was connected, but the Blueduino app couldn’t show/see ZeroBeacon most of the time.
Even it showed up. It would keep “Loadinng…” after you clicked ZeroBeacon.

It is so frustrated. It wasted me 2 days and couldn’t connect to any Andriod or iPad.

Please try 0000 or 000000