Blueduino Rev2: MicroSD Card reader not working


So I’ve purchased a Blueduino Rev2 and the bluetooth works fine on it. I’ve bought the following micro SD card reader:

I’ve connected the pins from the SD module to the following pins on the Blueduino:

MISO to pin 14
SCK to pin 15
SS to pin 10
MOSI to pin 16

However, when I run any of the example SD card programs from the arduino IDE the card always fails to initialise. I’ve tested the SD card module and the SD card itself separately on my Arduino UNO so I know that they work for sure. It’s just that once I connect them to the Blueduino they don’t seem to work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What about the work voltage for the MicroSD Card reader? The TTL voltage for BlueDuino is 3.3V.