BlueDuino R2 lost sent packages


I’m trying to send data from BlueDuino to mobile using BLE.

I notice it lost/corrupt some packages many times. (see image attached)

To reproduce this I just uploaded the hardwareSerialMonitor.ino from your GitHub to BlueDuino and read the data in Android with app Bluo and on iOS with LightBlue.

I’m sending the data 01234567890 manually and it’s received broke some times.

I tried with 9600 and 57600 and it lost the packages in both speeds.

I checked the firmware and it’s is updated (OK+VERS:2.2.3)

There is any way to fix that?


We will try to reproduce the issue first. Thank you for reporting this.

Great! Thank! I will wait for your feedback.

We’ve reproduced the bug. New firmware will be available tomorrow.

Perfect! Could you please point me a direction to how to update firmware instructions?

New firmware v2.2.6 is available here. Please follow the link to upgrade firmware.

Thanks a lot! I will test it and send you a feedback.

New firmware v2.2.6 is working perfectly!

Thanks a lot!

You can close this thread.

Thanks for confirm this!