BlueDuino Firmware Update Problem

Hello, I have tried to update the firmware of the BlueDuino rev2 board but when I am trying to load the image with the SerialBoot, I have this error. It said that semaphore time is over.

[03/12/2017 07:13:38.204] Tx - SB_HANDSHAKE_CMD {SerialBootTool}
[03/12/2017 07:13:38.266] Retrying Last Operation -> Retry Count = 199 {LoadThread}
[03/12/2017 07:13:38.329] Tx - SB_HANDSHAKE_CMD {SerialBootTool}
[03/12/2017 07:13:38.422] Retrying Last Operation -> Retry Count = 200 {LoadThread}
[03/12/2017 07:13:38.547] Tx - SB_HANDSHAKE_CMD {SerialBootTool}
[03/12/2017 07:13:38.813] Tx - SB_HANDSHAKE_CMD {SerialBootTool}
[03/12/2017 07:13:38.938] Tx - SB_HANDSHAKE_CMD {SerialBootTool}
[03/12/2017 07:13:39.047] Tx - SB_HANDSHAKE_CMD {SerialBootTool}
[03/12/2017 07:13:39.204] Device Command Response Timeout
Operation State = Handshake
[03/12/2017 07:13:41.842] User Response To Message Box = OK {LoadThread}
[03/12/2017 07:13:41.920] Transfer Stopped -> Response Timeout From Target
[03/12/2017 07:13:41.998] Retrying Last Operation -> Retry Count = 201 {LoadThread}
[03/12/2017 07:13:42.077] Response Timeout From Target {LoadThread}
[03/12/2017 07:13:42.155] Exiting Thread {LoadThread}
[03/12/2017 07:13:42.217] Serial Status = Port Closed {SerialBootTool}
[03/12/2017 07:13:42.310] Load Image Did Not Finish Successfully
[03/12/2017 07:13:43.351] User Response To Message Box = OK {SerialBootTool}

Can anybody help me please?



We also saw your email. Please contact us with only one of these ways. I’ll reply to you at our forum only.

I have some questions.

  1. Did you run the AT command for upgrade?
  2. Could you please describe your upgrade step?
  3. How do you wire the usb to TTL converter and blueduino?
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  1. Yes, I have run the command AT+SBLUP and the Blueduino answered with OK+SBLUP.

  2. I have run the AT command and I have uploaded the empty sketch. I have run the SerialBoot but it appears the error I have mentioned.

  3. The BlueDuino is connected only with a microUSB wire to the PC. Is that correct?

Thank you.

No. You need an additional USB to UART converter and wire to the Serial1. See the wiki

Ok. Thank you. I will try to do it again with a USB to UART converter.