BLEPad, Sleep mode and Master mode

Hi I had bought the BLEpad and try every example, it is working well.
now I have 2 question,

  1. I would like to decrease the BLEpad power consumption to minimum, how to make it? I go through the library and found that there is a things called, ble.end() it seem like make the HJ580 into sleep mode, is it correct?
  2. if I want to change into master mode? what should I do? I browse the library and found that there is a define as PIN_SELECT_MODE which is connect to the master slave selection(through schematic). What should I do?

Very appreciate that If anyone can answer my question, Thank you very much

  1. Yes. BLEPad will go to sleep if you call ble.end()
  2. The current firmware for BLEPad doesn’t support master role yet. It will be added feature.

ok, thank you for your reply