BLE Gateway v4 Firmware

What is the current OTA firmware for the BLE Gateway v4? The changelogs show it as v1.5.12 but my gateway does not detect new firmware.

Please check your current firmware version first. We’ll check the OTA files for you

I was running the beta version so am currently on 1.5.5 but have switched back to stable and want to upgrade to 1.5.12 if possible.


We’ve pushed OTA files for v1.5.5. Please try again

Yes! It’s updated now, thank you.

Firmware Version 1.5.1
Hardware Version 4.0
MAC C4:5B:BE:95:15:1C
Serial Number 9770268
IP Address

i can not update also how can update?

Firmware Version 1.5.12
Hardware Version 4.0
MAC E0:E2:E6:9C:2D:44
Serial Number 10235204
IP Address

i have 2 ble gateway i want update newest firmware how can i do it?