BLE Gateway sends non-existed beacon data

I’ve got a problem that two BLE gateways sent non-existed beacon data. The non-existed beacon here means these beacons were not in a reasonable distances from the gateways (maybe ~10km). May I know whether there are any reasons to cause the problem please?

Thank you.

Please provide information

  • Firmware version?
  • WiFi or wire connection?
  • Application HTTP/WebSocket/MQTT?
  • Please take a screenshot about config tool for pages Application, Dashboard and Network
  1. Fireware version 1.4.15
  2. Wifi connection
  3. Using HTTP Client

And here are the required screenshots as follows:

Please test with our testing MQTT server. So we can check the data remotely.

Testing server:

  • Connection type: MQTT Client
  • MQTT Host:
  • Port: 1883
  • Topic: gw/tonny
  • No username and password

Please also provide the UUIDs of your beacon. Which one is non-existed beacon data?

The case only happened three times after about one month’s correct data , so I’m afraid you will not find such a non-existed one in a short period. Therefore, I want to know whether there are any possibilities to cause the problem that I can work on them. Or, is there any data I should collect when the problem happens again to analyze it?

We haven’t got any similar reports from other user. Can you also try add an UUID filter?

I’ve got about 100 beacons with 10 gateways, so it is difficult to filter all those beacons with UUID.