BLE Gateway 2.0 Android APP

Dear Community,
When will ready Android APP for this product ?
Thank you.

Hi France,

Not ready yet. But tool at laptop is in developing.

Great !
Can you say more about this tool ?
Thank you.

Hi France,

It’s very similar with our iOS app ABGateway. We just started the project. Any suggestion are welcome.

Ok. I hope you will develop for web browser. In this case, I will use it from every device (smartphone, tablet, computer…).

Dear All

Could you please tell me if I have a BLE Gateway and some beacons ,can I show position of each beacons on the map? and what’s the accuracy?

it’s hard to get position accuracy. I think it’s better to do some applications like to get beacons in which home.

BTW: please open a new topic to ask your question.Your topic is not related with this topic.