BeaconManager.stopRanging() is not working

I am use beaconManager.stopRanging(ALL_BEACONS_REGION); method for stop ranging . But still continue its ranging and stopRanging not work . Please suggest some solution for it.

Which version of the SDK did you used?
Did you use the method of beaconManager.statRanging(ALL_BEACONS_REGION);

I am using 1.6 SDK version and yes I am using beaconManager.statRanging(ALL_BEACONS_REGION); . But when i try to stop its ranging , its not working.

Try to add this method beaconManager.disconnect();

Sorry its also not working.

Did you use the AprilBeaconDemos ?
Can i get the log filter by AprilBrotherSDK.

Yes i check it by log filter. In log file , it continue providing log. So it conflicting me in service.

Did you try the AprilBeaconDemos?
And what did the log out?

I am use code of AprilBeaconDemo and it conflict to back service. But it sometime working and sometime not working.

I will check it.
It conflict to back service does it mean when it bind other service not working will be happen?

Now its working very fine.Thank you.