Beacon battery in-compatibility (CR2450 and CR2477)


I bought ten beacons a few weeks ago, and selected CR2450 in the purchase (you can check the order, date is 2016-05-09, shipped to guang zhou, bai yun). At the same time, I bought ten new CR2477 batteries from elsewhere, for use with the beacons.

Just now, when I tried to insert the CR2477 batteries into the beacons, I realized they cannot fit. It seems AprilBrother ships beacons with different slot sizes, depending on the battery type stated in the order.

This causes a problem, because I intend to put in CR2477 batteries when the beacons enter production use. Now all the ten beacons are stuck with CR2450.

Shouldn’t AprilBrother state clearly on the taobao page that beacons for the two types of batteries are different? Otherwise, it should have made the beacons compatible with both battery types.

Will appreciate your attention.


I checked the page at taobao. There’s a battery type CR2450.

The difference for batteries:

  • CR2477: 1000mAH~, thickness 7.7mm~
  • CR2450: 500mAH~, thickness 5mm~

We can send replacement beacons to you if you are in China mainland.

I have replied via, as some information is private.

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