Batch Configuration by 摇一摇助手 Excel Format

Hi AprilBeacon,

I find that excel format (download in which “beaconName” fill in the name scanned in 摇一摇助手 e.g. abeacon_3A30 and “label” column fill in our reference no (e.g 28234894)
After excel imported in 摇一摇助手, I select only 1 to 3 in “number” and perform change.
I found that it random select first 3 beacon scanned which doesn’t belong first 3 row in the excel.

Do I got something wrong?
Thanks for your advice.

Modify done , App(摇一摇助手) automatically write “beacon Name”.

In example. I put beaconName column to “abeacon_3A30”. And it is correct which the name is scanned from 摇一摇助手 which the key field to update corresponding beacon.
Do you mean that you will update the 摇一摇助手 app to correct this problem for random to select beacon to update for ios / android?
Thanks a lot.

“beaconName” don’t manually input, After the completion of the bulk modification,Modify the results are automatically written to the beaconName.

Thank for your explanation.
If I have 50 beacon to change uuid, major, minor and each time I change 10 beacon configuration
Do you want to remove battery of other 40 beacon first
so that the app can only scan specific 10 beacon to change his configuration?
Thanks for your further advice.

Yes, you can do so.
We usually 50 beacon or less one-time configuration.
if you each time change 10 beacon, You can take 10 beacon away from other beacon, and then batch configuration.