Attach antenna to BlueDuino?

Is it possible to attach an antenna to the BlueDuino in order to improve its sensitivity while acting in central mode (i.e. scanning for advertisements from beacons)?

It’s possible. But you need do soldering work with 0402 component. It’s not easy. I will post a photo if you’re interested in it.

Sure, that would be great! Thanks

Please check the picture.

For add external antenna, follow these steps

  • remove the inductance in red square. re-soldering one side of its to pad A. The inductance change to horizontal status. Be careful! it’s very small
  • soldering external antenna to pad B. A wire 4cm is enough for external antenna


Thanks. Seems like a challenge for my non-technical skills, but I will give it a try once I start using my backup BlueDuino, i.e. I can’t afford to screw up my current running BlueDuino. Haha!

For thanks for your suggestion, we will ship free one BlueDuino with external antenna soldered and another original BlueDuino to you. Please send a private message about your shipping information to me.

I’m happy to pay for one with the external antenna, but I have some questions for you about this. I will PM you in a few minutes.