AT+GMR returns garbage

My cactus micro with ESP8266 seems to be working fine. I can connect to my wireless network without any issues. The only problem I’m having is when I send the ESP8266 the AT+GMR command, instead for returning the version number it returns nonsense characters. AT, AT+RST, AT+CWMODE=1, AT+CIPMUX=1, AT+CWLAP, AT+CWJAP= etc., and AT+CIPSTA? all seem to work normally and return appropriate values. Guidance from anyone would be appreciated.

Have you upgraded the firmware for esp8266 yourself?

Could you please take a screenshot for the nonsense characters when you send “AT+GMR”?

No, I haven’t upgraded the firmware.

I created a .jpg of the screen but it says that new users cannot upload files. I should say, however, that the characters are different each time I run the program.

Could u please post your sketch here? Did you use the software serial? You can switch to hardware serial port to get more stable serial connection.