ASensor in Motion Mode

What is the beacon format when ASensor is in motion mode?

This link only say Sensor mode

and according to this structure, my Motion mode ASenor is always sending (X,Y,Z) of (0,0,0).

Also, what is the latest firmware version?


ASensor advertise 30 seconds when move. It will stop advertising when still.

What’s the current firmware version for your ASensor?

Do you mean every motion will cause it to advertise for a duration of 30 seconds?
So, if the motion is every 20 seconds, it will beacon non-stop?
How frequent is the beacons?
In the IOS app, I can set a Advertising Freq (1~100) Unit: 100ms.
Does that mean 1 x 100ms = 1 beacon every 100ms
to 100 x 100ms = 1 beacon every 10 seconds?

It is version 1.0.2.
Please let me know if you have a newer version


Just want to add.
It’s Model number string 1.0d.


Yes. But the maximum value is 10 = 10 x 100ms = 1 second

The version is ok.