Arduino IDE connect

My CactusMicro Rev2 is not showing up in the Arduino IDE (serial port)
It seems I need a serial driver, but I do not know which one.

Is it:

it depends on which communication chip is used on the Cactus board.
I am on OSX 10.6.6

(an Arduino Leonardo board connects fine)


It’s based on ATMeag32u4. You should choose right board type Lilypad Arduino USB. Which version Arduino IDE do you use?

Thank you for answering:

I selected Lilypad Arduino USB

Learned a lot this session trying to get it to work.

Your board Cactus Micro Rev2 is using ATMega32u4 with embedded USB/serial onboard on the chip

I’ve understood it does not need drivers.

But still I cannot get it to work.

The only connection "succes’ I had is by putting it into my extra USB connector on the keyboard. (but I got a warning it had not enough power)

In System Prefferences (Network) I can see a LilypadUSB annoucement as a modem

But that does not show up in the Arduino IDE

The only thing that’s left to try is connecting it though a powered USB hub (maybe more power)

By the way my Arduino Leonardo is working correct with OSX 10.6 an Arduino 1.0.6

I am on Arduino 1.0.6

Cannot go higher because I am using an old Mac Pro with OSX 10.6 (highest operating sys. for this machine)

Newer Arduino IDE requires JAVA 7 and I cannot go higher than JAVA 6 (then I have to trick my OSX)



Please try to replace the micro USB cable to a shorter one. Cactus contains a ESP8266 which is power hungry.

When did you buy the Cactus Micro? It’s retired long time ago.

I already tried with a shorter cable but I will try again with another one. I’ll also try to connect with a powered USB hub. I’ll give it a try with another (newer) Arduino IDE on a different Mac (MacBook) and also on a Windows laptop.

That’s all I can do I think.

Reflashing the bootloader on the ATMega32u4 makes no difference I suppose.

I bought 2 Cactus micro’s rev2 in March 2016. Until now I could not find the time to start with them. I have to build the small board into a control-grip, that’s why the board has to be very small.

By the way, thank you for still answering me even as the Cactus has retired.

Maybe it would be better to look for another small board (Arduino MKR1010 maybe) but I do not know if it is small enough.


  • Can you see the serial port from ATMega32u4?
  • How do you re-flash the bootloader for 32u4? You can also see the wiki How To Revive Cactus Micro

No I cannot see the serial port from the ATMega32u4 (wish that was true)
I would try that with the SPI pins.

But first I’ll try the possibilities in my previous mail (will take some time)