AprilBeacon Flash with Custom Firmware CC Debugger SimpleBLEPeripheral


I have an existing project that uses IAR Embedded 8051 and uses the SimpleBLEPeripheral project to transmit. I can use the CC Debugger to flash this to a CC2540 chipset and everythign works.

Now I am using April Beacon.

In IAR, I set the project settings for the CC2541 F256. I then clean and rebuild.

I try to flash with the debugger, but it says the chip is locked. So I flash without persisting IEEE Address. After flashing, the unit is not transmitting anything. I can use the sniffer and I see that the previous transmission ( from the factory) is gone but no new transmission.

What is the problem? The CC Debugger is GREEN and it verifies the write.

Is there a clock on the Unit? Should Power Sleep work? Can you provide a sample SimpleBLEPeripheral.

If you flash to CC2540 chipset, you should set project settings for CC2540, not CC2541.

What model AprilBeacon did you buy?

I set the Project setting ( Selected Project from the IAR Embedded, changed it to CC2541) Then I clicked REBUILD ALL.

The april beacon is a 241 I think.


Did you set the device starts advertising upon initialization?

  uint8 initial_advertising_enable = TRUE;

Yes I did. This software works perfectly on a CC2540 chipset for instance in these devices


Could u please take a photo for the beacon? Photos for the wires are better.

Here are beacons



When I flash. The CCDebugger says it is succesfully flashed.

Please try other project such as SimpleBLEBroadcaster. The April Beacon 241 is a standard CC2541 module.