AprilBeacon 301 UUID/major/minor programmer by USB port

We need the UUID/major/minor programmer through USB port for AprilBeacon 301. Could help to provide it? Thanks!!

The 301 support AT commands. You can refer the wiki.

The driver for windows is here. For serial client, coolTerm is a good choice.

where i find a CoolTerm ?


You can get coolterm here.

I know how to use the major and minor values , I mean they can be Useful to know which of 3/5 Ibeacon Nearest That what ? How have you solved the problem ?

Please see the app AprilBeacon user guide. You can compare the distance to get the nearest one.

but in practice varying the Broadcasting frequency range ( between 100ms and 10000ms ) what happens ? And yet I can go below -23dB on ibeacon 202 how can I do ?

Please have a look with AprilBeacon user guide. See the chapter 2、Bluetooth.

Search bluetooth devices nearby. Only the devices whose name has prefix of AprilBeacon, BlueBeacon, ABLight or ABSensor can be displayed.

Tap on one of the beacon, it shows device detail info. you can modify basic info like UUID, major, minor and so on. The information and battery value is not allowed to modify.

Did you see the -23dBm?

so I can drop below 5 meters and anche the 3m ?