AprilBeacon 202

Hi. I’ m using three 202 AprilBeacon but the AprilSDK rarely found this beacon. I mean that the beacons are founded after four/five scans. Can you help me by setting correctly the AdInterval of the beacon ad the ScanningTime of the AndroidApplication in order to found all the beacons faster?

What is your current AdInterval and the ScanningTime,
Different phone found was different,some phone can find fast and some phone can find slow
What method did you to use to find beacons?

CurAdInterval = 200ms
Scanning 300ms
Now i’m using the SDK demo in order to find the beacons

One other thing: what is the purpose of the method beaconManager.setRangingExpirationMill(time) ?

Try to set scan time for a long time 1s or 2s
It will find more beacons in this time
If you want the result incloud more about you , You should set the scan time a little long

If you setRangingExpirationMill(2L) it means that a beacon have not find in 2S it will be removed from resultBeacons of the below

onBeaconsDiscovered(Region region,
					final List<Beacon> resultBeacons)

Thank you a lot. Is there any possibility to set the TxPower lower than -23db?

TxPower only four values,can not set others

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